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Affordable Drill Towers concept was originally created to find an affordable, yet practical solution for Fire Departments to receive ISO Credit that were previously lacking a Drill Tower - Part of the Fire Training Facilities requirement.

With the lower-end pricing in excess of $400,000, many Fire Departments dismiss the thought of a Drill Tower, especially when it's solely for ISO credit..  

With Affordable Drill Tower at $49,995 (Delivered & Installed), you still have enough money for other essentials (like a new Fire Engine, manpower, a new Fire Station, etc.)!!

Public Protection Classification (PPC™)

 ISO’s Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) lists a large number of items a community should have to fight fires effectively and assigns credit points for each item.  Using those credit points and various formulas, ISO calculates a total score on a scale of 0 to 105.5.  To receive certain Public Protection Classification (PPC™) ratings, a community must meet minimum criteria:  

  • minimum facilities and practices to get a PPC rating
  • minimum criteria for Class 9
  • minimum criteria for Class 8B
  • minimum criteria for Class 8 or better

After a community meets those criteria, the PPC depends on the community’s score on the 100-point scale: 

PPC Points  

  • 1 = 90.00 or more 
  • 2 = 80.00 to 89.99 
  • 3 = 70.00 to 79.99 
  • 4 = 60.00 to 69.99 
  • 5 = 50.00 to 59.99 
  • 6 = 40.00 to 49.99 
  • 7 = 30.00 to 39.99 
  • 8 = 20.00 to 29.99 
  • 9 = 10.00 to 19.99 
  • 10 = 0.00 to 9.99 

Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS)

The Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) measures the major elements of a community’s fire protection system and develops a numerical grading  called a Public Protection Classification (PPC™). Below is an outline of the "Training" considered in the FSRS and the weight the potential Points used in calculating a PPC rating.

Training Facilities Credit = 9 Points

Training:  Trained personnel are vital to a competent fire suppression force.  ISO evaluates training facilities and their use; company training at fire stations; training and certification of fire officers;  driver/operator, hazardous materials, and recruit training; and building  familiarization and preincident planning inspections.

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