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We trust emergency responders to be there and to expertly protect us and  handle emergency situations, especially when lives are at risk.  Just as trust, timeliness, responsibility and experience are important in an emergency, they are equally important when it comes to meeting municipal finance needs.

For this reason, Affordable Drill Tower has chosen to work exclusively with Government Capital Corporation.

Government Capital Corporation’s municipal finance team works with  thousands of Fire Chiefs, E.S.D. Directors, city directors and, others, to custom tailor financing structures to ensure the public’s safety needs are met.

Together, we understand the sources of revenue which pay for public safety  equipment, the types of personal and real property that need financed, and the unique borrowing authorities across the country which are most effective in financing each important need.

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Affordable Drill Towers

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Government Capital Corp.

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Grant Writing


Need Help Writing a Grant?

Affordable Drill Towers has searched for a reputable Grant Writing firm that believes in our product as much as we do, and has a proven track record of successfully writing grants.

It doesn't get much better than Vickers Consulting Services!

Vickers Consulting Services has a strong line-up of grant writers and researchers, all of whom have worked and served their communities as firefighters, educators, emergency response technicians, police officers and volunteers for a variety of  organizations.  It is their strong dedication to helping others find and create funding to strengthen their communities that allows VCS to be the successful company that it is today with our continued 70% success rate of grant funding.

Vickers Consulting Services can be reached at:

Phone:  866-5-GRANTS


Web Site:


Coming Soon!

Stay tuned..  As of right now, Affordable Drill Towers can be classified as a "single-source vendor", so in some states (like Texas), Fire Departments, Emergency Service Districts, and municipalities may be able to file an exception to competitive bidding laws.

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