Don't waste time, get your Affordable Drill Tower today!!!



How much is an Affordable Drill Tower?

We know it's hard to believe, but the Affordable Drill Tower is only  $49,995 (delivered & Installed)!

What's the Height of the Affordable Drill Tower?

38’ (Overall Height)

34’ (Top Floor)  

How many Floors does the Affordable Drill Tower have?

To comply with NFPA & ISO, the Affordable Drill Tower is 3-Story, with 5-Levels.

What is the footprint size of the Affordable Drill Tower?

The Affordable Drill Tower is 13'6" W x 18' 6" L.

Once we purchase an Affordable Drill Tower, what is the time frame for delivery?

Typically, we can have your Affordable Drill Tower delivered and installed within 2-4 weeks (depending on weather).

How is the Affordable Drill Tower anchored?

The Affordable Drill Tower was engineered and designed to be a “free-standing” drill tower. No anchors or attachment is required. 


Do we need a concrete slab?

Yes, it’s recommended that the Affordable Drill Tower be installed on a concrete pad, because using extension ladders and water in the grass, or dirt can be unsafe. 

What type of concrete slab is required?

We recommend a typical “residential” slab, 4” with wire mesh.  For a small fee, Affordable Drill Towers can provided a "stamped", engineered design for your concrete contractor.

What size should the slab be?

 We recommend 15’ W x 20’ L x 4" D (minimum). 

What if my slab is not level?

No problem.  All of the vertical legs of the Affordable Drill Tower have the ability to accommodate for uneven and sloping grades.  

Was the Drill Tower Engineered?

Yes. The Affordable Drill Tower was designed by a Professional Structural Engineer (PE).  The Engineer calculated all of the load ratings, wind loads, and tip-over loads.  A “stamped drawing” is on file and will be provided upon arrival of our Installation Team.

Will the Drill Tower rust?

No, the Affordable Drill Tower is manufactured of high-strength, galvanized steel.


Is the Balcony included?

 Yes.  The Balcony/Instructor's Platform is 5’ W x 3’ 6” D, and includes a self-closing access gate. 

Is the Fire Protection System included?

Yes, it includes:

A 2-1/2" Fire Department Connection (FDC) at Ground Level

Two (2) Sprinkler Heads with a Control Valve on the 1st Floor

Three (3) 2-1/2” Standpipe Valves on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floors

System Pressure Gauge on the 3rd Floor. 

What is the Maximum PSI for the Fire Protection System?

175 p.s.i. (the same as any commercial FPS).

Can we rappel from the Affordable Drill Tower?

Absolutely!  There are Anchor Points throughout the Affordable Drill Tower.  Each Anchor Point has an Axial Pull rating in excess of 10,000lbs.  

How many Fire Fighters can be on the Drill Tower?

5ppl per floor/12ppl total  

What is the Wind Load on the Affordable Drill Tower?

Because of the “Open Design,” The Affordable Drill Tower has a zero (0) wind load.  


Can we enclose the upper floors of the Affordable Drill Tower?

You can enclose the ground level only.  If you have the need, you can enclose any part of the Affordable Drill Tower while conducting your specific drill/training, but must immediately remove the enclosure after use.  

What the Affordable Drill Tower sustains damage?

Immediately remove all personal, place the Affordable Drill Tower out of service, provide a safe perimeter around the Affordable Drill Tower, and contact the Affordable Drill Towers company.

What Fire Departments currently have an Affordable Drill Tower?

 Call us for a list: 844-558-6937  -  Or visit our Customer's Page

Does the Affordable Drill Tower come with a warranty?

Absolutely!  5 years against any manufacturer's defects (i.e.: cracked welds, poor seam welds, splits in the steel, etc.).